Sean Latimer - Registered Clinical Counsellor
Sean Latimer - Registered Clinical Counsellor

Discover a healthy connected relationship

Combat Relationship Difficulty!

Often we enter a relationship believing that romance is equated to perfect peace, and that a healthy connected relationship is one without conflict.

However, conflict is normal in a healthy connected relationship and can provide vital information on how to grow as an individual and a couple.

But perhaps your relationship is fraught with difficulty and you experience some or all of the following:

  • Trouble “keeping a partner in your life”
  • Arguing over the same issue day after day
  • Feeling hopeless about realizing your dreams for the relationship
  • Constantly angry with your partner
  • You and your partner seem to speak different languages

You may be in a power struggle in your relationship where you are battling head-to-head on strategies, or you may be at a loss on how to proceed with the relationship!

I enjoy working with couples who clearly care about each other and their relationship, yet are less skilled in attending to these challenges.

“My wife and I were having difficulty getting along at times. We both love each other and have been in a long term relationship and want to stay in this relationship. 31 years is a long time and we are both committed to seeing this through.

Sean was able to help us understand and articulate our individual needs to each other. We learned what happens to each other in certain circumstances and how to deal with them better. The books he recommended have helped tremendously and we are practicing regularly to be better and better at communicating with each other.

His warm and easy manner made us feel comfortable right away and allowed us to talk openly about our issues. He is also firm where he needs to be and is not afraid to be that way. He has a great way of explaining things in a way that we can understand and obviously has a great deal of experience in this. He has done a wonderful job for us and we will always appreciate his help.

I would readily recommend him to anyone else who is looking to grow relationships and communicate better.”

Our romantic partner can be “the mirror through which we safely see ourselves in the world”. A person who reflects back how we appear to others; from this insight we grow.

Experience Relationship Quality!

Despite the conflict, couples do develop essential relationship qualities, but this takes some skill and determination from both partners in the relationship.

You may desire the following relationship qualities:

  • Trust and integrity
  • Respect and empathy
  • Unconditional love
  • Fun and playfulness
  • Listening and reflecting
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Sense of spirituality

These qualities are based in common needs and yearnings we all have for our relationship, yet it takes a healthy connected relationship to achieve them.

“We came to Sean to deal with our relationship and communication issues. This was problematic for us because we felt that each of us was not being heard and this caused too many road blocks in our relationship.

Sean helped us by really taking the time to understand our situation and provide valuable resources and ideas for us to implement, and we saw an immediate benefit and solution to a life time of challenges.

Sean is very empathetic; a great listener; very impartial; and very resourceful. Most impressive was his ability to interpret our issues and provide workable solutions and strategies that were simple and effective.

Sean is the best counsellor we have been to after going to 3 others. We found him to be the most practical and he has enabled us to solve our issues in a very simple but effective way. Our lives are different now because we have far fewer conflict situations and when we do, we have changed our behaviour for the better.”

If you are seeking to achieve a healthy connected relationship, you would value help to achieve:

  • heart-to-heart connections
  • manageable conflict
  • smooth transitions at the beginning and end of day
  • emotional intimacy
  • relationship stability
  • healthy strategies for creating dialogue

I have specialized training and experience in Gottman Marital Therapy and Compassionate Communication. We will use these together to help you communicate more effectively and to create a quality connection. This is so that both partners in the relationship are able to listen and understand each other and manage conflict.

In our work together you will experience assessment, home reading and practice, and working through difficult areas that come up for you in your relationship.

Call 604-505-5244 or email now to enjoy a healthy connected relationship!

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