Sean Latimer - Registered Clinical Counsellor
Sean Latimer - Registered Clinical Counsellor

Client Raves

“Our son was having some serious problems. He was depressed, had quit college again for the third time and needed help. We had him come and live with us for a few months where he started taking sessions with Sean. Our son is now much happier, has a full time job that he is ecstatic about, and looking forward in life.

He spoke a number of times about how much he trusted Sean and mentioned some of the coping techniques that Sean taught him. Our son will always have a few things to work on … but he knows what they are and is employing the tools Sean gave him to deal better with life. He looks good, feels good and we are very happy for him.

Thanks so much Sean for making such a difference in our son's life.

“I visited Sean for counselling for stress related issues. I realised that stress was having an emotional/spiritual and physical impact on my life as well as my family’s life. I wanted to learn better techniques to deal with it.

Sean helped me by engaging in meaningful genuine conversation, he showed remarkable clarity and was able to assist me in dealing with the root of my issues, whilst allowing me to go through the process at my own pace. ”He led me through the forest to the edge of the calm waters, where I was able to see the light again”.

Getting to know Sean has been a pleasure and I am grateful for having met him. He helped me to remember that life is about being in the moment, not the forgotten past or the imagined future.

Sean is a gift to counselling and a gift to humanity. Thank you.”

“My husband and I needed to learn how to re-connect and learn how to better communicate... We saw Sean and after just 1 session received recommendations on books to read and exercises to work on at home. We saw Sean… 5 times and as a result we both deal more effectively with day to day challenges. Prior to seeking assistance the quality of our marriage was a 5 (out of 10) and after 5 sessions became a 9 (out of 10).

I felt comfortable with Sean and I personally was very satisfied with Sean’s ability to help us consider possible options and solutions. I would recommend Sean's service to a co-worker.”

“It was a very difficult time in my life. I had some unsettled feelings on getting married. There began to be tremendous pressure as time was ticking by as the big day closed in. The stress at home and in the workplace was mounting everyday. As I was seeking assistance and advice I came across Sean's info. I decided it was time to seek independent professional advice. Not sure what to expect and feeling slightly apprehensive we made our first appointment to meet.

In a very short period of time we engaged... and Sean began to address my situation. Sean had a great way of making me feel comfortable and opening up to him. After a few helpful sessions we made some fantastic progress, hitting all the needed areas of concern.

I can now tell you my life is back on track! I am very happy, extremely focused and ready for an exciting future.

Sean was able to guide me through a rough phase in my life. Just maybe he can assist you too!”

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