Sean Latimer - Registered Clinical Counsellor
Sean Latimer - Registered Clinical Counsellor

Trauma Treatment for Children

May 21st, 2009


 So many children are traumatized daily and repeated particularly because of their inability to cope with the trauma and process it in a meaningful way.  If not treated competently and immediately, these traumatic events compound themselves either through repeated trauma or just by the original trauma being triggered repeatedly.

Recently I was fortunate to be able to attend the Canadian EMDR conference recently, and take in some of the latest trauma therapy approaches from leaders in research and practice.  I was particularly impressed with the work of Anna Gomez, MC; LPC of Phoenix, Arizona ( who presented material on treating depression in children.

Ana takes a systems approach to maladaptive behaviours in children by including insecure attachment, ineffective parenting, family trauma and the biological vulnerability of the child.  She looks at the child and family’s history from pregnancy onwards and how these experiences have impacted neural networks.  She is also concerned about parent-child interactions that impact the child’s nearal networks and how they lead to negative beliefs about self in the child.

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child who is in need of trauma therapy and healing, contct me at or visit me at now!

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